The Value of LinkedIn: Do you need many, or do you need great contacts?

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The Value of LinkedIn: Do you need many, or do you need great contacts? 1

Not long ago I had the classic 500+ stamp on my LinkedIn-profile, a badge that is carried with honour for many LinkedIn users. And I did too. But after a while LinkedIn started to feel like a virus to me. I didn’t get as many nice articles anymore or genuine updates from my connections. I had lost track of all the people that I was “connected” to, and I wasn’t really connected at all.

The people that matter to me, both in my personal and business life were no longer visible in my feed. Now I just got the spam of some semi random connection with someone that is of no importance in my life, and I am not of importance in theirs either. It just came to the point that I dreaded going into LinkedIn, because it started to feel like Facebook. A lot of useless information that I don’t really cared about. A lot of connections posting or let me say boasting about their own or their company’s brilliance. Congratulate this or this person with their work anniversary. What kind of value does that have for me? Isn’t that just information overload in an already overloaded world?


I had to decide. Now, don’t get me wrong. Celebrating work anniversaries can be great, and I wouldn’t mind congratulating someone on their achievement. The problem is when I do not really know this person, then that in turn has no real value. It just takes up space. So I sat down, I started eliminating people. Now, most of them are decent people. But were they really connections that I valued, or that valued me? No. Not really. Would they help me get a job if I needed it, or put in a good for me? Nah, maybe. But I wouldn’t count on it.

Now I am down to less than a 100 people. I think I had around 700 to start with. But I know most of these people would give me a hand if I needed it, they provide me with great articles and information, they keep me motivated. LinkedIn feels much more like a connected network for me now. It has real value. I get excited.

Now, I know someone might come into my profile and see that I’ve only got so and so many people that follows me and take it as a bad sign in 2019. But I disagree. In 2019 I find that reflection and being able to make your own choices and be at peace with them is qualities that is underrated and rare to find.


In this time and age the fastest increasing quantity is the amount of information we are generating. There is simply too much information. 20 percent of Americans feel completely overwhelmed of all the information all of the time. You have to be conscious about all the information you are taking in, be selective. Peace of mind is the new luxury. There is already too much information out there, so be smart about who is feeding your intellect.

So in terms of LinkedIn, use your brain. Put quality connections over quantity connections. And after a time you will truly see that “sometimes your circle decreases in size, but it increases in value”.

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